Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Much-Needed Cell Phone Cover

I once sewed a little drawstring bag out of black velvet as a cover for my cell phone. I always meant to embellish it with some artistic beadwork but before I got to it, my little bag was lost, and when I looked in my stash for the fabric I had used, it had vanished too. So I was inspired by my friend and blogger Jo at Blue Elephant Stitches when she made her cell phone cover.  (Note to Jo: Better not blog if you don't want copycats!:)

Here is my version, in some Michael Miller fabrics. I love it so far! I managed to get it to fit my Blackberry quite perfectly. The credit card pocket, key ring loop, and wrist strap make this cell phone cover one I do not intend to lose, ever.

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