Saturday, April 6, 2013

On Pinterest

pretty things on Pinterest
I see on my screen
beauty, fresh and lovely
all neat and clean
dream houses and décor
food, ideas, art
you could click forever
each time you start
I look at our mess
scattered over the floor
grace is here somewhere
I just have to dig 
a bit more
find the joy in the clutter
and try not to mutter
of chaos, and going insane
even a house full of love
is still not a house without pain
mine is broken beauty
not the Pinterest style
colours clash, ideas crash
after a while
living is imperfect
grace in the strife
Pinterest is there,
it won’t go anywhere
but I have to believe
I do have a beautiful life!
just a minute I'll take to pin it
something pretty and new
then I’m off to play games
with Thing 1 and Thing 2…
Trish Boese


  1. How sweet! We are blessed aren't we?

  2. "even a house full of love
    is still not a house without pain"

    I love those lines!

  3. i have to remember that- the camera never focuses on the pile of laundry that is piled at the foot of the photographer and the dirty dishes that she piled onto the counter behind her so that she could take a pretty picture of her sink...

  4. Did you write this! Thanks for the laugh! I have this kind of house too!