Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Apron for my Girl

Don't tell my girl! She's getting a play kitchen for Christmas, and I've been sewing accessories...
a little chef apron with pockets, and 2 miniature potholders
some places to store pens, papers, and all those little treasures
tiny potholders with little fingertip pockets
Shhhhh, hide the pictures, quick! Before she sees ;)
Just in case you ever want to make your kiddo an apron, here are the measurements I used.


  1. pretty! Thanks for the pattern :) My kids have orange home depot bib aprons from the builders' club. I should make my girl one.

    : )
    also - THANK YOU for the book deals site!! I
    found some great craft books there.

    ~Monika in Saskatoon

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